MONROE, La. (KTVE/KARD) — According to a release from VCOM-Louisiana, 13 million people are colorblind in the United States, and over 200,000 people are colorblind in Louisiana. Four Medical students are among the 13 million people; Friday afternoon, the students saw color for the first time.

The release also says colorblind people only see 10 percent of shades and hues, while normal color-visioned people see over a million. Enchroma glasses have special filters that help people like Nicholas Stinson, and Ben Anzalone have a more vibrant and distinct view of colors.

Man these glasses has definantly made a difference. I mean its crazy these colors are popping out.

Ben Anzalone, VCOM-Louisiana Medical student

Anzalone says he has been color blind since pre-k and shared some of his challenges.

Certain things like dressing yourself. I came out the closet and my girlfriend was like you’re literally wearing purple and blue. Sometimes stoplights; that’s probably the scariest thing when it comes to color blindness. I’ve had a hard time distinguishing between yellow and red. Maybe missing a couple of questions on histology in medical school.

Ben Anzalone, VCOM- Louisiana Medical Student

Nicholas Stinson says the glasses exceeded his expectations.

I never tried any other kinds before; you kind of have those expectations for things like this when you do it but it’s definantly kind of above and beyond what I thought. Didn’t really realize cause you go through life kind of okay with color blindness you know most things; you really don’t realize how drastic the changes are until you try something like this so I’m really thankful.

Nicholas Stinson, VCOM- Louisiana Medical student