FARMERVILLE, La. (KTVE/KARD)— Foster Farms, a chicken processing plant in Farmerville closed portions of the facility down after team members identified an issue with the water supplied by the town of Farmerville to the plant. According to a statement released to NBC 10/FOX 14, the issue was found by team members on Monday, March 27, before beginning operations.

Foster Farms says they informed the town, and suspended operations. The company also indicated Farmerville authorities believed they had resolved a similar issue in February 2023, and following a review of the situation, identified the source of why it happened again.

Repairs have been completed and potability testing of the water supply is currently underway. Foster Farms has resumed operations in portions of the plant which were served by a sperate water supply, and will fully resume operations upon receiving approval from the USDA following potability testing.

Foster Farms

They also added that no products have been affected. Tonight, tune into FOX 14 News at 9 and NBC 10 News at 10 as we talk to Farmerville Mayor John Crow about this problem and what’s being down to resolve it.

Mayor John Crow says they are working to rectify the issue.

We have some contamination in the water, I am working with all local officials and state. We’re working with the rural water companies and we’re in the process now of cleaning up fixing up and getting ready to get the plant up and operating.”

Mayor John Crow, Mayor of Farmerville

Mayor Crow also says they are unsure of what the cause of the contamination is. He says the water system at the plant is separate from what the residents of the town use.

It’s not affected in the town its two different water systems. We have one at the plant and we have one in Farmerville.

Mayor John Crow