TURKEY CREEK, La. (KLFY) – Former Turkey Creek police officer is filing a lawsuit against city officials in Turkey Creek for damages after his termination in March of 2022.

News 10 reported on an incident back in Jan. of 2022 where Zachary Johnson, a Turkey Creek officer at the time, was involved in a altercation with another member of law enforcement which ended with Johnson facing charges of aggravated assault with a firearm and resisting an officer. The incident was later attributed to a severe hypoglycemic episode causes by Johnson’s diabetic condition.

According to Turkey Creek Mayor Phillip Cavins, Zack Johnson was employed as a groundskeeper/general laborer with the village’s public works department after being put on administrative leave without pay.

According to documents filed by Johnson, he was later fired by the Turkey Creek Police Department because of his diabetic condition and incident of delirium in January. The documents go on to say that when he received an offer from another police department, the Turkey Creek Police Department and Mayor Pro Tem Eric Chappel sent the department information about Johnson which caused the offer to be withdrawn.

Johnson is now asking for a jury trial in order to obtain lost back pay, as well as other lost employment benefits and court costs. The full petition can be viewed below.