FERRIDAY, La. (KTVE/KARD) — Ferriday residents are asking city officials for help with roaming dogs that have become a concern. This comes after a handicapped man was attacked by two dogs earlier in September.

Jacob Taylor says he is afraid to go on the streets, especially at night, because he is scared these dogs might be running loose.

“I Am frustrated. I might go to the store and ride around, but I don’t go anywhere because I never know where they are.”

Taylor says he was running errands on his mobility chair when the dogs attacked him.

“I got right on the corner of Jordan Alley and Seventh Street, and the dogs just came out in the middle of nowhere. I was trying to fight them all, but there was nothing I could do because im handicapped. The Pit Bull bit me on my leg.”

Taylor was taken to the Trinity Medical Center for treatment. He got 25 stitches on his leg.

“The nurse said ‘there are a lot of dog bites coming out of Ferriday.’ They are biting small children, women, and me just walking down the road,” Taylor explained.

18-year-old Zerionte Homes was recently walking on the street when, he says, the dogs jumped on him and bit him.

“It was a brown and black dog the one that bit me. It was two of them. The other one was white and black too. I was bleeding right here.”

According to the neighbors, a complaint about the dogs being unleashed and roaming around the neighborhood has been filed, but they say nothing has been done.

“They need to do something with these dogs. They really do,” Homes

“I have to wait for my wife or get my daughter now when they come for work, so I can pick something up from the store. That is blocking up my freedom though. I’m not free enough. The dogs are in more control of the town than the people,” Taylor said.

The town of Ferriday currently doesn’t have an animal ordinance in place. KTVE news reached out to the Ferriday Police Department, but our calls haven’t been returned.