Family pleading for answers in death of loved ones found stabbed to death

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ACADIA PARISH, La. (KLFY) A family is pleading for information in the deaths of their family members who were killed Monday.

It happened in the 500 block of Noah Daigle Road in the Richard Community West of Church Point.

It was an emotional day for the family members of 71-year-old John Guillory and 71-year-old Lois Guillory.

They were both found stabbed to death Monday night.

John Guillory’s younger brother, Dosa Paul Guillory, said, “The family is really broken up. This hurts. When it’s your family, when it’s close to you, it just hurts, and we got to try to find out what happened.”​​

Dosa Guillory described his older brother, John Guillory, as the type of person who would give you his shirt off his back.​

Devastated, shocked, and now looking for answers, the Guillory Family said they wonder who could’ve murdered John and his sister-in-law and caretaker, Lois Guillory.​

Both were 71 years old. 

John’s daughter, Alicia Gallow, added, “They were hardworking people all their life. They never bothered nobody. They were basically to themselves. They were just people trying to live. They were good people.”​​

Full of emotions, Alicia and the rest of her family are asking anyone who has any information on the death of her father and aunt, to please come forward.​​

“This was senseless,” explained Gallow. “These were people who didn’t do anything to anybody. This didn’t need to be done. They were the type of people if you would’ve asked, they would’ve given you the shirt off their backs. That’s the type of people my daddy and aunty were.”​​

J.R. Handy has lived in the area for about 30 years.​ He’s been neighbors with John Guillory ever since.​ They talked often.​ Now, J.R. said he can’t believe his neighbor and dear friend is gone.​

“We’ve been talking for quite a while and do things for one another. If I can’t help him, he helps me,” said Handy.​

“They were good people,” said Dosa Guillory. “John would give his shirt off his back if you needed it and Lois is a good person too. She would’ve done the same and they were just helping each other so whoever did this please if somebody know anything please come forward.”

​​Acadia Parish Sheriff’s Deputies said robbery may have been the motive. If you have any information, you are urged to contact the sheriff’s office.

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