BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) – Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards is calling Attorney General Jeff Landry’s efforts to withhold funding from New Orleans and Orleans Parish due to abortion ban enforcement ‘misguided’.

On Tuesday, Landry sent a letter to the Louisiana Treasurer and his fellow Bond Commission Members to delay any applications and funding for the City until its officials have affirmed they will enforce State laws.

Recently Orleans Parish District Attorney Jason Williams said his office won’t be prosecuting abortion providers. NOPD and Orleans Parish Sheriff’s officials have also said they won’t investigate or arrest them.

“As Attorney General and member of the Bond Commission, it is my belief that a parish or municipality should not benefit from the hard-working taxpayers of this State while ignoring laws validly enacted by the people through their representatives,” said Attorney General Landry. “In light of the City’s open defiance of the will of the people of Louisiana, I urge the Bond Commission to defer any applications for the City of New Orleans, Orleans Parish, and any local governmental entity or political subdivision under its purview. In addition, any other funding that will directly benefit the City of New Orleans should also be paused until such time as the Council, Mayor, Chief of Police, Sheriff, and District Attorney have met with and affirmed that they will comply with and enforce the laws of this State and cooperate with any state officials who may be called upon to enforce them.”

During a Tuesday briefing Edwards said he also received a copy of the letter and that people not responsible for enforcing the abortion ban would be impacted if funds were withheld.

“The idea that you seek to punish all the people living in a certain area because you are at odds with some of their elected officials is not a reasonable approach,” said Edwards.

The State Bond Commission is scheduled to meet on Thursday at the state capitol.