BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD)– During the week of August 15, The Democratic Mayor’s Association is participating in a special week of activity known as Mayors Stopping Crime: A Week of Action.

Though it’s a nationwide event, in Baton Rouge local leaders are using it as an opportunity to explain the ecosystems of the capital area’s public safety groups

Statistics indicate that within the last few years, crime in Baton Rouge has escalated.

Judge Don Johnson, of the 19th Judicial Court assists law students with local cases and lawsuits and he says that during the last few years, he’s noticed the increase in criminal activities.

Johnson said, “We got these influx of relationships, you got the influx of the drugs, and you have the influx of guns being readily available.”

Baton Rouge Mayor-President Sharon Weston Broome is joining a host of democratic Mayors across the U.S. to support the aforementioned campaign, Mayors Stopping Crime: A Week of Action. The kick-off to the week of activity is a discussion that analyzes how community ecosystems play a roll in the fight against crime.

Director of Operations of Safe Local Healthy, Jazzika Matthews, shared her take on ecosystems with BRProud, saying, “We call this our public safety ecosystem, which as we know, ecosystems are spaces in which different entities work together for a common goal.”

The ecosystem are inclusive groups, ranging from law enforcement organizations to even smaller ones.

According to Matthews, the common goal for all ecosystems within a city, is safety. She said, “We are addressing violence through touching the many different things that affect violence.”

A member of the Baton Rouge Community Street team, Darius Crockett, told BRProud that the community he grew up in has changed a lot.

Crockett said, “When I was younger, there wasn’t so many incidents with people being killed.”

Matthews added that the Baton Rouge Community Street Team is viewed as a different type of ecosystem. They work on foot, traveling door-to-door, and getting a firsthand look at what’s happening within neighborhoods.

Crockett said, “We find that these kids need to be sat down and talked to and get an education piece on violence.”

He added, “Whatever you grow up to be, that’s probably what you’ll be, but it’s not like that.”

During the presentation, which was held inside the River Center Branch Library, guests were presented with a list of resources that the public can access when they’re in need of assistance.

Crockett said such resources can be a significant means of assistance.

Other members and local leaders agreed that these initiatives bring awareness to the need to reduce crime.

Non-Profit Leader, Redell Norman with The Resistance added that he believes in the Mayor’s efforts.

Norman said, “It’s actually working, and I actually see tangible things happening in our community.”

Anyone interested in attending events regarding public safety with the Mayor Office, can do so via the details provided below.

WHAT: The Night Shift Business Workshop Series

WHEN: Thursday 08/18/2022 6:15 P.M-8:00 P.M.

WHERE: Louisiana Tech Park, 7117 Florida Blvd

WHO: Baton Rouge Metropolitan Black Chamber of Commerce

WHAT: SULC Expungement Initiative Event

WHEN: Friday 08/19/2022 10:00 AM-4:00 PM

WHERE: Greater King David Multicultural Center 222 Blount Road

WHO: Southern University Law Center, Mayor’s Office

WHAT: Gas for Guns

WHEN: Saturday 08/20/2022 9:00 AM-12:00 PM

 WHERE: Capital Missionary Baptist Church, 5565 Hooper Road Baton Rouge

WHO: TRUCE, Mayor’s Office, Sheriff’s Office, BRPD

WHAT: Heal the Block

WHEN: Saturday 08/20/22 4:30 PM-7:30 PM

WHERE: 3773 Plank Road

WHO: Baton Rouge Community Street Team, Mayor’s Office-Summer of Hope