BASTROP, La. (KTVE/KARD) — The Diamond TD Productions hosted its 4th Annual Trick or Treat Barrel Bash at the Morehouse Activity Center on Sunday, October 29th.

The barrel racing first started in the 1930’s, and it is a family oriented event.

On opening night, they had around 150 competitors. On Saturday, they had 360 people, and on Sunday, over 240 competitors.

Morgan Hood says she has been riding since she can remember. She says this is more than just a hobby.

“This is a passion. It does get difficult at times, but there is perseverance in it. There is hard work. It teaches you ambition, set goals and dreams.”

Morgan and her 11-year-old horse, TJ, have a unique bond. She says they are a great team.

“We do good together. she is a little spicy sometimes, she likes to bug every now and then, but once she gets it out of the way, she is good.”

Morgan is currently in the top 5 in the competition, but she says anything can change any minute.

“It starts off with the fastest competitor, and then is a half second split for each D. So, 15-5, I think, right now is winning it, so, two D will be 16.0. 15-7 is what we did today.”

Competitors can go as young as five years old. Morgan says this competition is a great opportunity for motivating the younger generations.

“My daughter is here, and she is six years old. She is not going this fast, just yet, but I would like her to see her mom do good. I think that is what drives her to do good. It sets fire for her soul to make her win this.”

Officials say winners can get up to $30,000 in cash.