(KLFY) — If you thought crawfish prices were still too high last weekend, you’re in luck — the industry dropped crawfish prices across the board by another 50 cents per pound this week.

According to The Crawfish App mobile app, Louisiana consumers can now expect to pay on average $2.84/lb. for live crawfish, and can find a sack of crawfish priced well below $100.

According to crawfish pricing data compiled from over 1,650 vendors on The Crawfish App, and analyzed over the past 4 years, this 50 cent price drop this week means live crawfish prices are 29% lower this weekend in 2023 compared to 2022, or 81 cents per pound cheaper.  

“This was unexpected and very welcome this early in the season especially for the good size of crawfish we’re seeing,” said Laney King, co-founder of The Crawfish App. “Crawfish prices were already competitive in the market compared to 2022, but this puts prices almost 30% cheaper than they were this same weekend in ’22.  There is more excitement surrounding this crawfish season than there’s been in a very long time.”

Those looking for boiled crawfish this weekend from their favorite spot in Louisiana can expect to pay an average of $5.22/lb for medium-large sized boiled crawfish.