In year two of the “Des” era, one of the things staying the same is the coaching staff. After his first full season as head coach Michael Desormeaux finally has consistency on his staff.

That wasn’t the case when he took over the team a year ago. In fact, Coach Des had to replace six coaches before his inaugural season as head coach.

Now that, that’s done, year two means the staff has the freedom to teach and develop with limited distractions.

And get more hands on with the teach aspect of the job, which Coach Desormeaux hopes translates into a better performance on the field.

Coach Des says, “This entire coaching staff decided to come back. They believe in the ay we are doing it, and it’s much easier the second time around. Because the expectations everyone understands and knows you don’t have to spend as much time maybe necessarily how it’s important and the small things really really matter, and you don’t have to go into detail about things that are not really football, because everybody knows expectations and standards. And it’s easier for the players to understand what is expected of them, and we are all full go right now!”