Congressman Clay Higgins opens up about his COVID battle and why he wants state to expand monoclonal antibody access

State News

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — As the push continues for everyone to vaccinate, Congressman Clay Higgins is encouraging wider availability for monoclonal antibody treatment and opening up on his bout with the disease.

“We’re asking the state respectfully to help us,” Higgins told News 10 after delivering a letter on Wednesday to Governor John Bel Edwards calling on the state to expand the availability of Monoclonal Antibody (mAb) Treatments to all medical facilities across Louisiana that are capable of administering it.

It’s something even more important to the congressman after he, his wife, and son recently recovered from a tough bout with the Delta variant.

“Extremely challenging man,” Higgins said “There was a day there when, quite frankly, your Uncle Clay wasn’t sure he was going to make it.”

Friday, Governor John Bel Edwards stated expanding mAb treatments to as many providers as possible is a focus. Currently, 176 providers offer the treatment. 41 have been added since July 1, and the doses administered in Louisiana since that time had a 2700% increase.

Governor Edwards explained in a press conference Friday, “It is not 100%. It is not a silver bullet, but the monoclonal antibody infusion if received very shortly after someone tests positive and develops symptoms, it can prevent that disease from getting to the point where someone can get hospitalized.”

That’s exactly why Higgins argues getting the treatment beyond hospitals and in every capable clinic should be a priority.

“This will relieve our hospitals and provide badly needed treatments for COVID at its early stages for the citizens of Louisiana,” the 3rd district congressman concluded.

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