Coast Guard continues to assess Southeast Louisiana environment after Ida recovery

State News

U.S. Coast Guard

HOUSTON, Texas (KIAH) – The Coast Guard is investigating all reports of damage and environmental threats across Southeast Louisiana after Hurricane Ida.

Crews are working to identify and prioritize threats to the environment and navigable waterways through overflights and surface inspections of areas impacted by the storm. The Coast Guard is working with State of Louisiana, Environmental Protection Agency, and Department of Environmental Quality, to respond to reports of pollution.

Since the storm the Coast Guard has assessed 826 reports of pollution. Of those reports: 197 reports that have been closed or transferred to appropriate jurisdictions, 88 reports where the reports were unverified as there was no remaining evidence of pollution on-site, 454 reports where the Coast Guard is actively supervising the mitigation efforts that are being carried out by responsible parties, 86 reports that are under investigation by the Coast Guard.

Coast Guard teams throughout the area are working overtime to respond to every report that comes in. “We take each report seriously and are responding to ensure we mitigate threats to the environment.

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