WINNSBORO, La. (KTVE/KARD) — The City of Winnsboro has introduced an ordinance to install new enforcement measures to help curb speeding in the area.

Winnsboro chief of police Tyrone Coleman says the town has speeding issues. He says a recent study has shown vehicles traveling more than 12 miles per hour above the speed limit.

“Myself and the mayor have been getting complaints about speeding in the neighborhoods and all through town. The mayor has put some speed bumps out to kind of help out. The electronic traffic enforcement, we think that would be a help for us to help curb the speed a little bit.”

Coleman says the goal is to make the town safer. He says it can also be dangerous for police officers to write tickets on busy highways.

“It’s a safer way to do traffic because the officers are not making contact with the driver. In Mangham, an officer got killed about two years ago on a traffic stop.”

“It would be safe for our kids, and it would give parents some peace when their kids come home with the buses traveling down, and it will help the drivers and all.” said Charles Gipson, a
Winnsboro resident.

The photo and video traffic enforcement equipment will be funded and installed by PTS Solutions of Harrisonburg. Coleman says 40 percent of the revenue will go to PTS, and 60 percent of the revenue will be divided among the town, the court and the police department.

“We can do some positive things for the officers and maybe better equipment, maybe some pay raise and stuff like that.”

The proposal will be discussed at the next city council meeting on May 17 before going to the board for a vote. If approved, the equipment will be installed at Highway 4 and Highway 17.