CHURCH POINT, La. (KLFY) – A Church Point man says a fire that burned down his mobile home was started intentionally.

“I just literally watched it burn down. I called 911, but by the time they got here, it was all gone,” Nathan Joubert said. Joubert, who owns the mobile home, says he was renting it out to a mother and her son.

“Earlier in the day, I was talking to his mom. Him and his mom got into it about picking up all the trash in the yard. I told her if he wouldn’t do it, I was going to have to pay somebody to do it. He got mad at his mom and slammed the door, so I left it alone, went to take care of my business and do other work,” he said.

He says for a while, he was working in the back of the mobile home park when he saw his tenant’s son. “I was coming out of the trailer park, and I see him taking off down the road. I was wondering why he was running. I knew him and his mom were arguing. When I looked in the yard, I didn’t see his mom’s truck. The only thing I saw was a bunch of smoke coming out the door,” he told News Ten. He says at first, only a sofa was on fire. He tried to put it out with a hose, but the flames quickly grew.

Joubert says he learned how the fire started by talking with the woman who was living there. He says she told him her son asked for ten dollars, and when she said no, he became frustrated.

“He told his mom he was going to set the house on fire, and he did. They thought he was joking, but he did,” Joubert said. While he’ll now have to tear down his mobile home, Joubert says he’s still in good spirits.

“I would have given him ten dollars if he would have asked me, if I knew all of this was going to happen,” he laughed. State Fire Marshal’s deputies were on the scene while News Ten was there Thursday afternoon. We’re told they are leading this investigation.