Carencro police ask public to ‘police surroundings’ as reports of attempted abductions on the rise

State News

Carencro Police Chief David Anderson is asking members of the public to become “police aware’ by passing on information that could help thwart reports of attempted abductions.

Speaking more than a week after a reported attempted abduction near Ombarge Road in North Lafayette Parish, Anderson said he needs the public to be more vigilant about their surroundings and to contact police immediately if something doesn’t look or feel right.

“People are nervous and worry about police overreacting or about wasting our time, but it’s never a waste of our time,” Anderson said.

A resident out walking in the Ombarge Road area reported being followed by a man driving a truck with no license plates.

Anderson said he is aware of the incident, but because it happened in the parish, the Sheriff’s Office handled the investigation.

KLFY reached out to Sheriff’s Office spokesperson John Mowell who said he would follow up on the investigation Monday, but echoed Anderson’s advice.

“If something feels off, and it causes the hair on the back of your neck to stand up, then call 911 and they will direct the appropriate authority to assist you.”

Late last month, Yolanda Williams told KLFY that she was running along Pont Des Mouton Road when she noticed something wasn’t right— and became frightened when she saw a man in a truck following her as she was jogging.

A nearby resident helped Williams to her car after she screamed out for help.

“Call us, that’s why we are here. These are your tax dollars at work.” We will come out, and follow-up. No tip is to big or too small.” Anderson said.

Suspicious behavior includes persons riding in vehicles with no license plates, cars left seemingly abandoned, persons walking in neighborhoods or subdivisions in early morning hours, or persons riding bicycles with no head lights or tail lights after dark.” Anderson said.

He also encourages people to follow these same safety measures and offers even more advice if someone were to find themselves in a similarly unsafe situation and unable to contact police immediately.

“It is extremely important to file an official police report with as many details as you can give, as soon as possible,” he said.

“When people call us immediately, we can most times get video from neighboring homes or businesses that can help.”

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