BRPD provides update on Blane Salamoni’s Motion to Dismiss Appeal

State News

Leo Hamilton, a legal representative for the The Baton Rouge Police Department has announced an update on Blane Salamoni’s motion to dismiss the appeal.

Authorities said, “the appeal in this case was filed to reserve the decision of Chief Murphy Paul to terminate Blane Salamoni’s employment.”

Hamilton emphasized that the most important objective in this case was to maintain the decision by Chief Murphy Paul.

That decision was for Blane Salamoni to not return to the Baton Rouge Police Department.

It is official, Blane Salamoni will not return to the BPRD.

Salamoni has agreed to reduce all of his claims.

Hamilton said, “the Baton Rouge Police Department is allowing Salamoni to voluntarily resign his employment.”

You can read the Baton Rouge Police Department Blane Salamoni Motion-to-Dismiss-Appeal here.

More updates on this decision will be provided as they become available.

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