BENTON, La. (KTAL/KMSS) — Thanksgiving is now over, so here come the Christmas decorations. 

Homes in the Arklatex will be displaying their holiday lights including Christmas trees. If you are thinking of purchasing a live Christmas tree, it is important to remember it is a responsibility to keep it alive.

Robin Hughes the co-owner of Hughes Christmas Tree Farms says keeping your tree moisturized is important so it does not dry out.

“Once you take it home. Keep it watered. So, we also sell stands along with the trees, and so it’s a bowl on it, and you just make sure you always have your water topped off in the bowl,” Hughes said.

If you don’t want the responsibility of watering your tree daily, there’s a trick the Hughes Christmas Tree Farms does to lock in the tree’s moisture. 

“We also flock the tree, so it looks snow white, and with this, it seals it, and you don’t have to water these trees.”

With all the electricity used to power up those trees to make them beautiful, it is important to check the outlets and lights to make sure it does not cause a fire. 

“Your tree is not going to just catch on fire. If it is a faulty wire, your lights are more of a fire issue than the tree is.”

She also suggests not putting the tree next to a candle, fireplace, or even a wood-burning stove. 

“And you also want to keep it out of a direct heat source. So, if there’s a vent directly over the tree maybe turn that vent off to keep the heat off of it.”