MONROE, La. (KTVE/KARD) — The Bayou Trade Days has been part of the community for decades, and its activities take place every third weekend of the month.

The family-owned business is one of its kind in the Arklamiss. It’s a spot where people come from all over the country to find the most unique items.

Terri’s This and That is one of the long-running vendors at Bayou Trade Days.

“All these people back here have become my family this third weekend of the month. We are family. We back each other up. Janet and I walk to the cars together, so we don’t walk by ourselves. It’s a pretty cool thing. It’s a cool experience for us,” said Terri Coleman with Terri’s This and That.

Coleman says she has shared this experience since the early days when she first joined the Bayou Trade Days. Her especially? Fresh Mayhaw jelly.

“I started canning when we bought a little farm that had mayhaw trees on it. And what am I going to do with all these mayhaw trees? I’m going to learn how to make jelly. The majority of my stuff is hand grown. It’s grown by us.” Added Coleman.

Curiosity and perseverance led Coleman to start her own small business.
But it wouldn’t have been possible without a special 80-year-old helper.

“I just kind of stepped in to help my mom instead she kinda helped me, you know.”

Meanwhile, Cally Hyams, with Calyco, says she wants to help others to honor those beloved military veterans through personalized keepsakes ahead of memorial day.

“I think we all should support our veterans, and many of us have loved ones that are still here and fight for our brave country, and there are many that are gone, and we want to remember them.”

Hyams says she is inspired by her hero, her grandfather.

“He fought in World War I, and he was a Frenchie. He was a private.”