BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) – It’s a known problem that teacher shortages are a major concern in Baton Rouge and across the nation.

Many teachers claim that teacher pay is the number one concern, but testing is another concern.

Jaleesa Jones, an advocate and education consultant, says a lot of teachers are not able to pass tests when it comes to certain levels of certifications.

In addition, Jones says, “So you have practice test and all these other exams that are required to teach, well if I take an exam three to four times and I still can’t pass it then I’m just going to give up.”

A recent audit from the Louisiana Legislative Auditor shows there is room for improvement. Jones says one thing that needs to be improved is the way the state verifies teachers.

One part of the study states, “Teachers in schools serving more economically disadvantaged students are less likely to be certified and have fewer years of experience.”

“The research shows us that it proves us that. That’s 30% of teachers, but it’s over 60% of teachers in those schools that actually teach without any certification,” said Jones.

Jones says it’s hard finding teachers who truly love education and want to teach no matter the economic level.

“That’s how we have to be, not people who want the ‘A’ school with no problems and just cushy life,” said Jones.

Ever since Jones was young she’s always had a passion for teaching and wants to find others who share that same passion.

“As a public servant, as someone who is serving the community, you go where you’re needed, you go where the children need you, and if you have love or passion for this, you’ll figure it out,” said Jones.