DELCAMBRE, La. (KLFY) – Festival season is kicking off in Delcambre with the Shrimp Festival happening this weekend. 

It was first known as the Iberia Parish Shrimp Festival and Agricultural Fair in 1950. It didn’t get its name change until 1974. A five day festival that brought crowds from near and far for the last 70 years.

The festival was originally a project to raise funds for the Delcambe Fire Department. Jason Miguez, Vice President of the Delcambre Shrimp Festival says the festival has continued to support community projects ever since. “All of the money we raise we donate funds back to organizations within our community,” says Miguez.

Everything is local, from the food, the music and even the ‘royalty’. “You don’t usually think people will freak out about this but really do support the festival,” says Alaina Barras, the 70th Delcambre Shrimp Queen. “When you come to the shrimp festival you’re never going to feel like you’re talking to a stranger. You’re going to hear a ‘Welcome to Delcambre’ from every booth and they are going to make sure you have a good time at the festival.”

Miguez says it’s the best five days of your life. “Where else can you go and enjoy great food, entertainment and the hospitality of southern Louisiana?”

The 5 day festival kicks off August 17th and goes through the 21st.