EVANGELINE PARISH, La. (KLFY) – Many residents in Evangeline Parish feel that a four-day school week will actually have more benefits than setbacks.

Last week, by a vote of 8-4, the Evangeline Parish School Board decided to move towards a four-day week for schools across the parish. With kids now being off on Mondays, parents like Brandi Devillier are excited. “I’m happy about it if it’s going to be four days, at least the kids will have an extra day off. I like having my kids at home with me,” says Devillier.

One parent says her son is moving into the 10th grade and the four-day week can open up a chance for a beneficial change in class schedules. “If they run a four by four then I can possibly see the pros for the older kids because they would only have to worry about four subjects the first semester and four subjects the second semester versus right now worrying about seven at one time,” says the parent.

It doesn’t stop at parents. Tracey Jagneaux, a teacher in Evangeline Parish, says this decision can help the teacher shortage from getting even worse. “Being an educator myself and working in the parish, other parishes are starting to go to four-day work weeks and we’re losing a lot of teachers to other parishes. It allows us to retain teachers in this parish.”

The greatest setback for many is finding child care for those who work on Mondays. Fortunately, other parents tell News 10 many daycares in the parish offer services all five days of the work week.

The four-day week will go into effect next school year.