Tennessee Titans jerseys expected to sell out by Saturday

The Big Game

BELLE MEADE, Tenn. (WKRN) – It’s a navy blue piece of polyester selling for about $100 dollars.

As the Tennessee Titans head into the playoffs, what matters most on a football fan’s jersey is the name and number.

“AJ Brown is gonna be huge, Ryan Tannehill,” said Sport Seasons store manager Nick Anderson, “Derek Henry’s already sold out, we will be expecting more of those, but as of now, he already sold out before we even won the last game.”

Ahead of Saturday’s game against the Patriots, Sport Seasons in Belle Meade opened Thursday morning expecting high sales.

“We were receiving phone calls for availability on jerseys already the last couple days, but as of today, tomorrow, should really pick up,” Anderson said.

Many would say the hottest player on the team right now is quarterback Ryan Tannehill, which makes you wonder why there are so many of his jersey’s still hanging in Sport Seasons.

“Well at the beginning of the season, he wasn’t the starter,” Anderson explained, “And then as he’s moved into the starter position, they became available for us to order, and yes he is in demand. He’s in very high demand, he should be sold old by the end of the week.”

The jersey you may not find restocked this week: number 8, Marcus Mariota.

“It’s really based on not just how well the team is playing, but who’s playing well as well,” Anderson said.

It’s a piece of polyester, for some, representing a lot more than just a player, it’s also a dream.

“Like AJ brown, he’s been playing so well, a lot of our younger clientele is all over that player,” Anderson said, “The youth that are playing the sport… and he’s one of them that’s doing it right.”

Hopefully doing it right and helping carry the Tennessee Titans all the way.

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