Will Wade is asking LSU to lift his suspension

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Suspended LSU Basketball Coach Will Wade is asking the university to remove him from suspension. He says he was acting on advice from his attorneys when he declined to speak with them last week.

Below is the full statement Wade released to the media:

This morning, I advised President Alexander, Athletic Director Joe Alleva and the LSU board of Supervisors that I would like to resume my duties as Head Basketball Coach. Last week, when the University decided to place me on administrative leave, I accepted the decision without complaint as I knew that they wanted time to reflect on the flurry of media reports. With the benefit of a week to consider the circumstances, I believe University officials should allow me to resume my duties.
I understand that in today’s hyper-intense media environment it is extremely difficult for any organization, particularly a public university, to stand firm in the face of rumors, leaks and innuendo. In this case, the simple truth is I have been place on leave because I exercised my right not to submit to a joint LSU/NCAA interview on the exact same subject matter at issue in an impending federal criminal trial in New York. My legal counsel advised the University that it would be wholly inappropriate for me, or anyone, to submit to an interview under these circumstances.
Declining to be interviewed  was a difficult decision for me, as I would like to cooperate fully with all parties, particularly LSU. To be clear, however, all I’ve done is follow the prudent advise of my counsel to exercise by constitutional rights to due process. Given these facts, I don’t believe it is appropriate for me to be relieved of my duties. We have a great basketball program made up of excellent student athletes and quality coaches. They players who’ve given their all for this institution, the students and alumni who are devoted to LSU, and fans all across Louisiana and beyond deserve to see this team fulfill its destiny. I love LSU and everything it stands for. What I’m asking for is the right to do my job while exercising my constitutional rights. I don’t think that’s too much to ask.

Below are several tweets from journalists with WVLA, our sister station in Baton Rouge.

LSU Basketball Coach Will Wade sent a letter to LSU asking to be taken off suspension, telling the administration he had declined to be interviewed by school officials on the advice from his attorney. @WVLANBCLocal33

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