ATLANTA — At SEC media days, Brian Kelly spelled out some criteria for naming his starting quarterback. 

Kelly said there was no real advantage to keeping Florida State guessing. 

“I don’t think there is a huge tactical advantage going into the Florida State game relative as to who the quarterback is. Are we going to announce the quarterback after three days? Probably not. We are going to be late into camp, before we make an announcement. So, that’s not going to be a tactical advantage. I will get a better sense deeper into camp. If you ask me a week or two, I probably could give you a better sense,” says LSU head football coach Brian Kelly.

The Tigers have four who are good enough to play.  

But, the competition to start appears to be between Myles Brennan and Arizona State transfer Jayden Daniels.

Kelly was quick to praise Brennan for his leadership skills. 

“As much as he wants to be the starting quarterback, and I hope he is, he has impacted this football program, just because he’s been in it, because of his leadership,” says Kelly.

Kelly said passing accuracy for the quarterback, is critical. 

“If every time he get the ball to Kayshon (Boutte), and he has to bend over and not get it in stride, that is not going to work. He has to hit in stride and go. And, if you can’t keep us alive in a play and get us out of a bad play, that’s not going to work,” says Kelly. 

Kelly said it is critical for LSU to get off a fast start.  

But, even without that first impression on the field, the Tigers are doing quite well, recruiting, moving to as high as 7 in recent rankings. 

“We finished last in the league last year. We weren’t able to say hey, we won the national championship last year. We did this. We are able to do it based upon who we are. And, what we can show in terms of player development. What our plan is for you. Why you should come here. What my track record is and what my coaches are all about. That’s extremely encouraging. Then we will have to back it up, right? And, then putting a product on the field that is representative. That will be stage two in the process, and if we do that, and I believe we will, ’24 and ’25 is going to be outstanding,” says Kelly.

Tiger fans can’t wait.