LSU Jean-Francois watched Tigers’ win over Alabama at Colorado bar

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“Until you beat Alabama, you haven’t done anything, and that’s what always been our goal. When I saw them beat them, I tipped them my hat,” former LSU defensive end Ricky Jean-Francois said.

The Tigers’ 46 points at Bryant-Denny Stadium became the moment Jean-Francois believed the LSU could win the national championship, but he experienced the long awaited win all the way in Colorado.

“I’m like ‘hold up, if I’m not mistaken, ain’t y’all supposed to be in Alabama, not all the way up in Colorado?’ That was the game for me because I was talking cash money as if I was on the field with the players.”

The 2007 national champion loved watching the Bayou Bengals make history during the 2019 season, but the defensive MVP doesn’t know who’d win if both championship teams went head-to-head.

“You can’t name another team that got receivers, two receivers, over 1,500 yards, a running back that has 1,000, a quarterback look like he’s playing madden in the backfield. I would’ve loved to play against those kids and just see how it is to play against a team that was that talented and could put up those ridiculous type of numbers.”

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