LSU fans wait in long lines to see the National Championship Trophy

Geaux Nation

26 and a half inches tall, weighing in at 50 pounds.

“Goose Bumps”
“It’s overwhelming”
“You couldn’t ask for anything better, honestly.”
“It’s perfect, I couldn’t have imagined anything better.”

Tiger fans are getting a chance to savor the championship glory.

“It’s about the same size you would think it would be it looks like on tv. You can’t touch it, they make sure you know that” said Leah Calvaruso.

Wednesday afternoon, people waited in a long line. The line stretched in front of several businesses. Pat Durousseau said, she recently had a double knee surgery and despite her condition, the wait was worth it.

“You didn’t worry about your health standing in line or anything. I was worried but hell, I came anyway, that’s just how much I’m a supporter” said Durousseau.

Throughout the evening, the line moved swiftly. People said, they didn’t care about how long it would take as long as they got the chance to get that perfect picture.

“It felt like a one-night stand. I went in there, came out and it was over with. It went quick but I got my picture with my trophy though” said Jason Aguilard.

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