BATON ROUGE, LA. – The 5th ranked LSU beach volleyball team ended its regular season on a hot streak with four consecutive wins, finishing 27-8 overall.

The Purple and Gold now head to Huntsville, AL for CCSA play and will stay on the road for the NCAA tournament.

“I think being away and being together more is going to allow us to maximize our advantage, which we’ve said from the beginning,” said head coach LSU Beach Volleyball head coach Russell Brock.

This is the first time in program history the Tigers are taking a two week road trip.

“Our goal, like what we think is an advantage to us is we can out team other teams, we can out team other programs. So for us to be able to really invest in a really intentional way over the next two weeks and not kind of have the distractions of, I’ve got to go do this, I got to go do that,” said Brock.

Game one of conference play is April 28, against Missouri State at John Hunt Beach Volleyball Complex.