Kevin Faulk reflects on LSU’s national title

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Two weeks ago from Sunday night, the LSU Tigers were preparing to cap off the most successful season in college football history by competing for a national championship. What if the best team in history would have fumbled the final game and fell in the national title?

Carencro native Kevin Faulk wasn’t going to let that happen. He was on the 2007 New England Patriots team that had one of the best seasons ever, only to lose the Super Bowl. He spoke to the Tigers the night before the championship.

“The speech was just about having the best season ever that could possibly be had in the NFL level at that point compared to having the best season at the college level,” Faulk says. “You had the best quarterback, the best receiver, just doing phenomenal things. At the end of the year, the only thing we were remembered as is being the team that lost the last game of the season that could’ve been the greatest team in the world. Every last person on our team has to live with that. Don’t be those guys.”

Faulk is a graduate of Carencro High School. His talent on the gridiron brought him to LSU, where he still holds 12 records. A three-time Super Bowl champion in 13 seasons with the New England Patriots, Faulk is in year two as the Director of Player Development for the LSU Tigers. 

With the national championship win two weeks ago, Faulk has now won a state championship, national championship, and Super Bowl championship in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans. 

“It’s home, the state of Louisiana,” Faulk says. “Just to have that at all three levels of football, I don’t know what percentile I may be in on that, but to me that’s amazing.”

The LSU Tigers, boasting the Heisman winner, Coach of the Year, Thorpe Award winner, and Biletnikoff Award winner, beat Clemson 42-25 to win the national title. All the awards couldn’t compare to hoisting the national championship trophy. 

“All the individual awards, they’re all grateful for them, but the number one thing is winning for the state of Louisiana,” Faulk says. “I don’t know what it is. Every kid on that team, even not from Louisiana, they’re feeling that for the state of Louisiana. I think it starts off with the quarterback.”

Faulk said he’s never seen a quarterback in college football like LSU’s Joe Burrow. 

“To have that guy running your team, leading your team, the math is perfect,” Faulk says. “You couldn’t script it any better. You couldn’t script it any more perfect. It was the way it was supposed to be.” 

Faulk told me he may be done playing football, but he’s definitely not done with the game of football.

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