METAIRIE, La – The defensive line is one of the Saints strong suits and it’s been showing the first two weeks of training camp. They’ve been focusing on rushing the passer with power as opposed to speed. 

“When Cam Jordan’s the runt of the group, you know, then you kind of got a pretty good size, pretty good looking group,” said New Orleans Saints head coach Dennis Allen.

“I am the shortest D-linemen if you think about it d end. I think Tanoh Kpassagnon was like 6’7 and a half, 6’8. Marcus is 6’6 and a half. Then you’ve got little Peyton who’s like 6’5. Yeah. That puts me right at 6’4, which, you know, I’ve always said I’m just a normal, tall person. They’re like, ‘Oh, you’re tall. 6’4 is normally that normal cusp. I feel real normal height it around my defensive ends,” said New Orleans Saints defensive end Cam Jordan.

“What they do is they keep offensive players off of them. You need that arm length to be able to do that. It’s it’s a much tougher game when it’s played like this as opposed to I’m able to create some space with my with my length, so we’re big on size, we’re big on length,” said Allen.

“It’s like, ‘Hey, bro, what did you see? All right, what didn’t I see?’ Get me better. Get me right. Because if anything, I’m trying to be right rather than just going fast and being wrong. A fast, wrong decision doesn’t make you right. And a fast right decision makes you beautiful,” said Jordan.

The Saints continue to work on installing plays the next few days. The Black and Gold look to prepare for the Houston Texans later this week.