BATON ROUGE, La. – LSU guard Flau’Jae Johnson’s love for basketball began at age four, when her mother bought a basketball hoop for her older brother.

“She got real excited because she wanted me to lift her up. She wanted to see the ball go through the hoop. She carries the ball around the house. It was her trying to bounce. It wasn’t my son,” said mother and manager of Flau’Jae, Kia Brooks.

But Flau’Jae’s love for making music comes from her father.

“She never got to meet her dad,” said Johnson. “He was murdered while I was pregnant with her.”

“My whole thing is, the enemy tried to work against us, but we said let me show him who is in control. (God said) I’m going to put a life inside another life and make it even more powerful.”

Kia Brooks and Jason Johnson (also known as ‘Camoflauge’)

Although Flau’Jae and her father never met, Kia feels like his spirit lives on through her daughter. 

“Every time she does something different, I see something her daddy would have done.”

“I just know deep in my heart, her daddy’s up on that stage with her. I just know deep in my heart, he’s supposed to be on a court with her,” said Brooks.

“I’m just keeping it real. I don’t know if you ever watch the movie Angels in the Outfield. Angels on the court.”

Flau’Jae might have inherited her musical talent from her father, but her competitive nature comes from within. She’s used to competing at a high level. 

The Savannah, Georgia native even played with the boys growing up. From youth basketball to baseball – winning the Frank Callen Boys & Girls Club two championships. 

Flau’Jae Johnson pitching for 8U Frank Callen Boys & Girls Club in Savannah, GA.

Her mom tried to put her in ballet, but Flau’Jae knew she was a ball player since day one.  

“She had the donut at the top of her head, the little lipstick they put on them, and the little makeup. She’s the only other book right now. She was boo-hoo crying. She’s like, ‘Mom, I hate this.’ I was like, ‘Baby, hate is a strong word.'”

“She’s like ‘Mom. I do not want to be a ballerina…I want to play basketball.'”

It’s evident whatever Flau’Jae does in life, she will be great at it.