(WGNO) — If a school wants to leave your conference – let them.

I say that because years ago McNeese was attempting to leave the Southland.

To avoid that from happening, conference officials reached an agreement with McNeese to stay, giving them a basket of goods including dibs on hosting select conference championship events through 2026.

What’s wrong with that? Everything.

I’m watching the opening rounds of the Southland baseball tournament where Nicholls is the one seed and UIW is the 2 seed. But you gave the 6 seed the right to host because you didn’t want their school to leave your conference.

The same thing happened in basketball. You gave home-court advantage to McNeese the 8th and lowest seed – they won a couple of games and the conference boasted about their miraculous upsets on social media.

In my opinion, top seeds should host and if you don’t like that idea – play at a neutral site.

There is no reason that the top seed – Nicholls and the 4 seed – UNO should have to travel to the 6 seed for a conference tournament after fighting for positions that are supposed to give them an advantage.

Of course, we didn’t know now what we know then. We should just reward schools that perform well instead of making desperate attempts to keep schools that try to leave.

I guess it’s the equivalent of the New Orleans Saints earning the number one overall seed in the NFC just to play every playoff game on the road.