Veteran whose prosthetic legs were repossessed to get new pair

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JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV)– A Vietnam and Iraq war veteran recently lost his legs not in battle. Jerry Holliman says his prosthetics legs were repossessed, and he says he didn’t get the help from the VA when he needed it most.
Now he is getting a new pair.

Veteran Jerry Holliman was heartbroken when his prosthetic legs were taken away. This story gets worse. He says when the legs were returned, he couldn’t use them.

Jerry Holliman is 69 years old, a veteran of two wars and a double amputee.
He says he just wants to walk again, but he’s had to get through a lot of red tape.

“On December 23, at 5:00 Hangar Prosthetics came and picked up the legs and all the parts to go with them then on the second of
January they brought the legs back and told me there wouldn’t be any more adjustments on them,” said Holliman.

Hanger Clinic wanted payment. Holliman says without the needed adjustments he couldn’t use the legs.

“It said Medicare and on it is said copay,” said Holliman. “I wasn’t going to pay that I am 100 percent disabled veteran I don’t need to pay a copay.”

David Walker, the medical center director at the GV Sonny Montgomery VA, says the VA couldn’t intervene because the legs were a private purchase.

“We have done work with Hanger but these particular legs we’ve had no involvement with so we have no involvement on what
they have done what you’ve read about you know, them being delivered them being taken back delivered,” said Walker. “We had no
involvement because we didn’t have any involvement in the actual construction of these legs.”

The VA wants to make sure Holliman has legs that fit. It says artificial limbs can be made in house at the VA in Jackson at no cost to the veteran.

“He has agreed to come see us, and he does have an appointment and it’s later this month and he has shared with the staff here
that he is interested in the VA making new prosthetic legs and that’s what we’re going to do because that’s his wishes,” said Walker.

The vice president of public relations and communications of Hanger, Inc. sent us a statement saying it is bound by privacy laws but did say as part of policy: “Hanger does not take back prosthetic devices once a patient signs for the delivery. A signed verification of delivery is a necessary step in the delivery process due to regulations, but actual payment is not required upon delivery to the patient.”

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