BUILDING DREAMS: East Texas businesses encourages creativity through LEGO craze

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TYLER, Texas (KETK) – A classic toy is entering homes on a national level. From big-box stores to the big screen, LEGO’s are making their mark all the way here in East Texas.

You can stack them, build them, create almost anything including a business. That’s where KETK found one local teen who is developing a big dream from small toys.

Last year, recent high school graduate, Kennedy Bounds decided to open up his own business.

Kennedy Bounds pictured with his LEGO’s as a young kiddo.

“About this time last year, my dad has a landscaping company and he didn’t have any use for this vehicle anymore, so we were trying to come up with ideas for that,” explained Bounds.

That’s when he thought about his childhood. Now, a freshman at Baylor University, Bounds thought about a childhood passion that would soon create his entire business.

“My passion has always been LEGO’s. I have been collecting for about 10 to 15 years and I wanted to make a business out of it, so we decided to make a LEGO party Truck,” said Bounds.

The Brick Truck is a family-owned business that been in the making for years. A way Bounds can share his love of LEGO’s with the world.

“This has really impacted my life to try to show people you can be creative and have fun doing little things. You don’t have to make something big, or you don’t have to build something really massive. You can go in your room, create a little car,” said Bounds.

Parents say The Brick Truck reminds them of their childhood.

“It’s more so, we can do LEGO’s in our house, but to have a truck come with more LEGO’s then we could ever imagine having and all the unique things they do with it, and the fact that they program it, is pretty cool,” said Mike McGuire, a parent who used The Brick Truck for his son’s birthday party.

In a world dominated by video games and tablets, playing with LEGO’s allows youngsters to be creative and use their minds to develop limitless objects.

“There’s no screen, they’re not asking for an IPad, they’re not worried about any of that kind of stuff, they just want to play and they are being creative and building what they want,” explains McGuire.

LEGO’s name comes from the Danish words “Leg Godt”, meaning “play well”. Launched in 1958, the interlocking tubes have come a long way. From a small carpenter’s workshop in Denmark to a global enterprise. The company has been crowned the world’s largest manufacturer of toys, and names toy of the century twice.

With so many creations based on the household name, “Brick Masters” in Tyler is also hoping to build off the brand.

“Brick Masters” is a kids activity center that is primarily based around LEGO building blocks, stem activities, birthday parties, and just fun creative building for kids,” said Matt Riggle, Co-owner of Brick Masters.

The store gives people of all ages an opportunity to learn and create.

“We are hoping to bring a positive effect to the community, it gives kids the opportunity to detach from electronics and kid of get back to intellectual learning and creativity,” said Riggle.

FOX’s “LEGO Masters”, is a show where contestants compete against each other in brick-building challenges vying for a big cash prize and the title of LEGO Masters. You can catch it every Wednesday night at 8:00 pm.

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