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Kansas teen, 17, wins Miss Teen USA 2018; Louisiana places in top ten

SHREVEPORT, La. (WNTZ) - Hailey Colborn, a 17 year-old student and ballet dancer from Wichita, Kansas, was crowned Miss Teen USA 2018 by outgoing titleholder, Sophia Dominguez-Heithoff, Miss Teen USA 2017. Colborn competed against 50 other contestants from each state and the District of Columbia, broadcast via Facebook Live from Hirsch Coliesum in Shreveport, Louisiana.

Miss Louisiana Teen USA, 18 year-old Lindsey Conque from Youngsville, was selected by the judges to the top ten.

Colborn won the competition after competing in active wear, evening gown and answering a final question.

To celebrate the 35th anniversary of Miss Teen USA, first held in 1983, the five final contestants answered their final question asked to past winners of the competition. Colborn answered a question posed to the winner of Miss Teen USA 1985, Kelly Hu of Hawaii.

"As Miss Teen USA, you can serve as a role model for many young girls in this country. If you spoke to a group of them, what would you want to tell them?"

Colborn replied:

"I started an organization about three years ago called 'Self Posse,' because in classical ballet for 14 years, I've grown up as the only African-American in my class. So, I've struggled with some self-esteem issues that I overcame; and after doing that, I felt the need to give back. So, I travel to middle schools, and tell young girls how important their self-esteem is. I host a seminar yearly that is free so that any girl from any socio-economic background can attend. So, that is a message that I would just love to expand to a national platform."

The final five included Colborn, Kaaviya  Sambasivam from North Carolina (1st runner-up), Chloe Zambrano of Colorado (2nd runner-up), Sydni-Dion Bennett of Illinois (3rd runner-up) and Kirby Elizabeth Self from South Carolina (4th runner-up).

The top ten include the top five, Conque, Lou Schieffelin from Florida, Savannah Miles from Georgia, Sofie Rovenstine from Tennessee and Madilen Kellogg from Utah.

The top fifteen include the top ten and Janeice Love from California, Caleigh Shade from Maryland, Anane Loveday from Michigan, Britney Barnhart from Nevada and Trinity Tiffany from West Virginia.

The newly-crowned Miss Teen USA will travel across the United States to advocate for causes of importance to the Miss Universe Organization.

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