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POTUS invites Governor Edwards to join justice reform discourse Thursday

State News
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Governor John Bel Edwards will consult with President Donald Trump on Thursday to groupthink Louisiana’s justice reform, according to USA Today Network. 

Edwards, along with five other governors will meet with Trump in Bedminster, New Jersey on Thursday, August 9th. 

Louisiana currently has the highest prison population in the nation.

This invitation arrives at a time where U.S. Sen. John Kennedy and Louisiana A.G. Jeff Landry have been criticizing the state’s justice reforms and chastising Edwards’ way of managing them.

Sen. Kennedy blasted Edwards for his prison reform legislation, calling the early release element of that dangerous legislation to the public on Monday.

Just three weeks ago, A.G. Landry refused to represent Edwards in a federal death penalty challenge case

“For too long, Louisiana held the title as the state with the highest incarceration rate,” said Edwards, the only Democratic governor in the Deep South. “Today, that is no longer who we are.

“Following the lead of other Southern, conservative states, we came together with legislators from both parties, the business and religious community, and advocates to enact sweeping reforms in our state.

“The simple fact of the matter is that what we were doing just wasn’t working. We were locking more people up in Louisiana than anywhere else in the country, and our communities weren’t any safer for it. Our reforms are lowering the incarceration rate, improving public safety, and reducing the recidivism rate.”

Edwards revealed this meeting with Trump and others will explore how to potentially replicate similar reforms nationwide.

“It’s still early, but I’m looking forward to discussing how we made it happen with the president and others as we seek to tackle this problem on a national scale.” 

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