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New gun law in effect to protect domestic violence victims in Louisiana

MONROE, La. (KARD / KTVE) - Louisiana law has banned abusers from possessing firearms for four years.

However, there was no process to transfer the guns until now. 

A new gun law to protect victims of domestic violence. 

Requiring those who are convicted of domestic abuse battery or have an active protective order against them to turn over their firearms.

But some say there needs to be a legal process. 

"Innocent until proven guilty if they are truly guilty of doing such things then no they shouldn't have it," said resident Josh Anderson.

Louisiana ranks second in the nation for the rate of women killed by men. 

WellSpring coordinator Valerie Bowman believes the new law will help bring the numbers down. 

"In other areas where this has been put in place the relinquishing of firearms firearms they have seen a 14 percent decrease. If there is a firearm in the home a woman is 9-times more likely to be shot with it," said Bowman. 

Since October 1st the Ouachita Parish Sheriff's Office has handled 75 cases dealing the new law 

making sure it's followed.

"A person that is either convicted or under a protection order can sign a declaration in court saying they do not own any weapons. The second option is they come before the sheriff's office sign a declaration to give those weapons to a third party or the the third option is they sign a declaration and give them to the local sheriff's office," said Springfield.  

The law also says the person cannot purchase a firearm. 

A temporary solution the WellSpring hopes will save lives. 

"We're not taking their guns we are just transferring until the situation is resolved," said Bowman. 

Anderson said unfortunately there is good and bad in the world and he hopes people have more respect for human life. 

"We all have a soul and it's something to be regarded it's not just a light thing for you take somebody's life," said Anderson. 

Louisiana law gives you 48 hours to transfer your weapons to the sheriff's office or a third party after the protective order is filed or you're found guilty.

They weapons are returned when the protection order is dropped or the case is thrown out. 

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