Sen. Kennedy talking ‘Green New Deal’ and immigration at chamber luncheon

Senator Kennedy 1_1550758418849.JPG-3156058.jpg

Louisiana’s Senator John Kennedy was in the twin cities today to give voters in Northeast Louisiana an idea of what he says he is dealing with in Washington.

Senator Kennedy says the country is split nearly 50 – 50 between those who lean left and those who lean right, but says it’s more 90-10 for those leaning left in Washington.

The senator says this leads to ideas like New York congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s ‘Green New Deal’.

It’s a plan Ocasio-Cortez says will address climate change and economic disparity.

However, Kennedy says her plan would mean forcing most people to use only public transportation, create massive changes in the nation’s power consumption to more green technologies and at a cost he says is unrealistic.

Sen. Kennedy said “Doing an analysis of the ‘Green New Deal has a price tag on it of at least $6.6 trillion a year. That’s trillion with 12 zeros. The entire federal budget right now is not but 4 trillion dollars.”

He also spoke on immigration saying President Trump’s only sin on immigration is he is enforcing existing laws.

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