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'Weed World Candies' van pulled over, 5 arrested on I-65 in South Alabama

SARALAND, Ala. (WKRG) -- Saraland Police vehicles could be seen on I-65 NB after they pulled over a "Weed World Candies" van Monday afternoon. 

Saraland Police say they pulled over the vehicle and could smell marijuana. The police department reports that items found inside the vehicle tested positive for marijuana. 

Police say there were five people inside the vehicle and all of them were arrested for possession of marijuana. 

According to the Weed World Candies website, the company was launched in 1999 with the goal to get marijuana and hemp legalized. The company tours around the country with "loud vehicles" to help promote the legalization and decriminalization of marijuana.

The company operates in several big cities that include New Orleans, Miami and Atlanta.

While all of the candy products have marijuana-themed names, the company says its products do not contain any actual marijuana.

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