Misunderstanding leads to law enforcement swarming downtown Lafayette


LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY)- Some tense moments in downtown Lafayette, when a call came in to police that someone spotted a man with a shot gun. Law enforcement responded in force, but it turned out to be a false alarm.

When law enforcement officers got to the scene, they were thinking there was a man downtown with a gun. That part turned out to be true. However, the man who had the gun did not have aggressive intentions.

Lafayette Police say the man was in the area of the Vermilion Parking Tower across from the children’s museum. He was walking home with the shot gun, when he was seen by a concerned citizen. It looked suspicious.
That citizen called police. The area went on lockdown.

Police say the man saw news media reports of the situation when he got home. So, he called police. They went to his home. He explained what he was doing with the shot gun. Police say he was taking the gun home, and didn’t have anything to put it in.

“We take these types of calls very serious, as you saw today. We want to make sure the safety of the community is the number one thing. We wanted to make sure everyone downtown was safe. When we got the call, especially because of the circumstances as it was said to us, then of course, we’re going to respond in that nature, is to assure the safety of everyone involved.,” said Bridgette Dugas, spokesperson for Lafayette Police.

There were some Lafayette school kids were visiting the children’s museum when the area was on lock down. They stayed inside until police gave the “all clear”. Then, were bused back to school.

The man with the gun was not arrested. Police say no crime was committed.

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