Youngsville man invents reachable ceiling vent

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A Youngsville man’s new invention is now being sold in local stores and online.

Wade Bergeron has developed the Reachable Ceiling Vent.

The product helps you easily grab your air condition filter that’s on the ceiling.

He invented it because changing a ceiling vent is not easy and one usually have to climb a ladder to do so which could be dangerous.

“I simply got tired of using a ladder to change an air condition filter on the ceiling.” Bergeron explained.

Bergeron says the product is simple to use.

The filter has a hole in the middle that can be threaded with a mop or broom handle.

After its threaded, use the handle to reach the ceiling then it will simply attach to the vent.

“They can easily clean the filter without having to climb up there and bring all of their cleaning supplies up to that level.” said Bergeron.

Being able to reach ceiling vents easier means you change it out more often.

“Air in your home is typically dirtier than the air outside so that’s something we need to watch out for.” said Bergeron.

Bergeron says his product has been a hit with local consumers but he believes the Reachable Ceiling Vent should be in every home.

“I don’t see any reason for people to have to climb up a ladder in their home and banging up their walls to change their filter. This needs to become the standard and we need to do away with the way we have been doing it.” said Bergeron.

He is selling his product in Brasseaux’s in Abbeville and Stine’s in Broussard and Abbeville.

It can also be bought online at

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