Students get creative with physics

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Yesterday, over 100 students from the Southern University Laboratory and Park Ridge Academic Magnet School got the chance to use everyday materials to explore physics in the real world.

The experiment called “Motion Commotion” is part of a National Youth Science Day. Students investigated the physical and human factors of motion with two separate simulated activities.

First, they created a ramp to analyze speed, momentum and kinetic energy of a car in motion and what the science is behind a car crash. Then, they got to demonstrate the consequences of distracted driving by using a driving simulator from the East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office.

Ninth grade student, Ida Adaorimma, says, “I think today’s demonstration they should learn that it’s a very horrible thing to text and drive at the same time and it could really cost a lot of lives, a lot of people’s lives, and they shouldn’t do anything that will like distract them from the road and driving.”

Organizers say the experiment was a way to engage teens with science through a hands-on, interactive learning experience that they hope will get students excited about science, technology, engineering and math!

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