Ruston Man Saves Over 500,000 Pennies

Local News

A Ruston man has been collecting pennies for nearly half a century.

So what did he do with all of those pennies? He took them to the bank of course.

Otha Anders arrived at Origin Bank in Ruston Tuesday morning with 15 five gallon water jugs full of pennies. 

He started collecting the pennies in the late 60’s. 

Anders would pick up any penny he found on the ground and says he has not spent a penny in 40 years.

“I have not spent a penny in 40 plus years.  I would break a dollar before I would spend a penny”
said Otha Anders.

So how many pennies did he turn in?  513,614. Which comes to $5,136.

Mr. Anders will use the money to help pay a dental bill.  

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