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Louisiana public universities and colleges are preparing for dramatic cuts of about $131 million dollars if our state’s budget deficit isn’t fixed.

LSU is expecting $65 million to be cut as a result.

And LSU students are upset the proposed budget cuts could layoff faculty and staff, increase tuition, and end summer school.

“I feel that’s ridiculous cause I pay about $4300 to go to school here and they’re cutting back a lot of clubs that I maybe interested in, its just why am I am even paying this much tuition if I am probably going to be at risk for losing my major or even my concentration,” said LSU student, Arionne Ballard,

In a letter issued by LSU’s President Monday he calls the cuts “devastating reductions”.

Budget documents from the university say students will likely face a fee increase of $690, and 275 courses will likely be eliminated.

And about 10% of faculty positions will be gone.

“We learn the best from the best. So you know we could potentially layoff really smart and important professors we need to educate the future,” said LSU student Hannah Redlich.

And most students say they have a problem with LSU favoring athletics over academics.

“Most of our fees and stuff are going towards athletics than anything that could benefit us for school,” said Ballard.

“Athletics isn’t going to get as many people a job as actual academics will,” said Redlich.

LSU’s Agriculture Center will be hit hard.

Budget documents say aside from layoffs, existing employees will be furloughed, and five research centers will be closed.

Right now lawmakers and Governor John Bel Edwards aren’t in agreement about how to fix our state’s estimated $700 million gap.

If by June 30th revenue isn’t generated by a higher sales tax or other means, cuts to higher education are eminent.

Now other schools are also facing significant cuts.

They include, the Southern University System, University of Louisiana System, and community and technical colleges.

To see the full letter, LSU President, Dr. F. King Alexander issued Monday, click here:

For a detailed look at all possible LSU System budget cuts click here:

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