Local gun store offers free class to women to protect themselves from abusers

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A Geismar man accused of brutally beating his estranged wife to death has one local gun store owner saying ‘enough’! He’s fed up with hearing that women are being abused at the hands of men. So he’s getting proactive and helping women learn how to protect themselves.

Baton Rouge native Sandy Cobb has been going to Precision Firearms once a week for the past month. She says she wants to practice her shot so she never becomes a victim.

“I want to be familiar, I don’t want to be scared of them, that’s one of the reasons I took the class. I just need to be able to aim at something, be able to shoot it, and kill em if I have to” explains Cobb.

At Precision Firearms, owner Wade Duty, knows how important it is that women learn to arm themselves. “You yourself are the first responder because you’re already in the situation.” He says the murder of Monica Johnson is a disturbing trend in Baton Rouge.

That’s why he’s decided to offer free firearms training to women who have restraining orders against their abusers. The class will certify women to apply for a concealed carry permit.

He explains, “there’s a need for training for women so they can be secure in their own homes. I hope they learn they have options for self defense. Restraining orders may also need to be backed up with a more direct measure.”

Sandy remembers “a while back, I had seen a lady, she might’ve been 80, 82. She knew how to use a pistol and she used it and from then on I said, ‘if she can do it, I can do it.'”

That’s why she’ll keep coming back to the range even after she perfects her shot.

To learn about class openings and times, click here.

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