How to prep your plants for cold weather

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While it’s finally starting to feel like winter time in Acadiana, dropping temperatures mean it’s also time to protect your plants and gardens to ensure they survive another cold winter.

With recent late night temperature dropping near freezing, All Seasons Nursery in Lafayette says the key to making sure your plants survive the winter months is simply preparation.

“You want to water your plants. That’s the most important thing that you can do when protecting them. Oddly enough the saturation in the roots and the foliage make it harder to freeze.” said Ben Pecnik.

“Any time that you have 32 degrees or below, use something labeled specifically freeze fabric. When covering your plants you want to drape it over the entire plant making sure it is either secured and tucked under.”

“There is no need to worry about your season bedding plants like pansies, snapdragons and viola as they thrive in this cold weather.”

If you are uncertain about what plants need to be wrapped and which ones should be brought inside your home or garage, you can visit All Seasons website for all information on how to protect your plants from mother nature.

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