Fort Polk reminds community to check for open areas if trying to access training areas

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The Joint Readiness Training Center and Fort Polk Public Capture Program, which allows for the adoption of trespass horses on the installation, has been in place since 2010, and is now managed by the Range Control Division. Those wishing to capture a trespass horse check-in with Range Control personnel before entering Fort Polk lands to capture horses, and check-out with the same personnel when leaving (for accounting purposes).

Those capturing horses must also:
1. Fill out a hold harmless and limited right of entry statements
2. Promise not to sell the horses or allow them to be used as rodeo stock
3. An additional safeguard allows no more than four trespass horses to be captured per person per year. This makes it economically unfeasible for someone seeking a profit to capture Fort Polk trespass horses.

However, those wishing to capture horses should be aware that Fort Polk’s training areas exist to train Soldiers. Recreational areas and those populated by trespass horses are made available when possible, however entry into installation training areas during military training exercises is prohibited without specific authorization.

As part of the state’s Wildlife Management Activity Fort Polk reminds everyone planning to conduct activities to check for open areas before traveling into the training area. For information regarding JRTC and Fort Polk areas that are available for recreational activity or for the Public Capture Program, visit the installation’s hunting information page at or call (337) 531-5715. You can also access the JRTC and Fort Polk home page at Click on the Community Resources tab on the upper left side of the page, then click on “Fort Polk Hunting Information.”

Please note that the airspace over Fort Polk is federally-recognized restricted airspace. The operation of civilian aircraft (to include drones, quadcopters and model airplanes) over Fort Polk training areas is prohibited.

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