Debate Brewing Over Alfred Mouton Statue

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A debate is brewing over whether the prominent General Alfred Mouton statue in downtown Lafayette should be moved to a museum or should stay.

Greg Davis who is advocate for removing the monument says it’s not about the person Mouton was but what he represents.

“This is legitimately a confederate monument so it means that it’s far greater than just the life of Alfred Mouton.” Davis said.

Davis also believes the monument celebrates a time in history that America shouldn’t be proud of.

“We believe that the confederate monuments that are up are celebrating the effort to try and preserve the institution of slavery.” Davis said.

The controversy has hit social media with two competing pages.

One called Why Alfred who supports the statute’s removal and Why Not Alfred? who believe the statue should remain where it is.

The Why Not Alfred? group argues that statue represents a part of Lafayette’s history.

Davis says the debate is good for moving Lafayette forward.

“A lot of people didn’t even realize that there was a  confederate monument in Lafayette and now they know so now we can have a very lively discussion about moving it to a museum.” Davis said.

However, even if the council agreed that the statue should be moved, they may run into a legal roadblock.

Back in the 1980s, a judge signed an injunction preventing the statue from being moved.

“It would be a question of getting with attorneys to see if in fact this injunction lasts unto perpetuity” Davis said.

Both sides intend to take their arguments to the council at Tuesday’s meeting.

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