Community, SU students hear from some runoff candidates

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The Southern University Student Union was a packed house Wednesday night, all so people could hear what some of our candidates in this upcoming runoff election have to say.

The online magazine The Rouge Collection held a forum for the community. People there were able to submit their questions. Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate John Bel Edwards could not attend because he had other obligations, but Republican Senator David Vitter did show up, where he was asked some pretty tough questions, including one regarding his ads about criminal justice reform.

“I absolutely stand by it because I don’t think it should be offensive. Gary, let me ask you, when President Obama talked about thugs in Baltimore, do you think he was saying that? Because he used that word in Baltimore. Do you think he was using the “N” word, which is basically what you accused me of,” Vitter said. “I’m going to lead an effort in criminal justice reform, by not picking a number out of the air, and saying release 5,500 criminals.”

Vitter also picked up a few more endorsements earlier Wednesday. This time from the Louisiana Association of Business and Industry, Louisiana Home Builders, ABC Merit Pac, and ABC Pelican Pac.

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