City of Franklin mourns Mayci Breaux

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As everyone still looks for answers after the tragic shooting in Lafayette, the small city of Franklin is looking for closure to the nightmare that started on Thursday.

One of their own, Mayci Breaux, lost her life that night.

Today the town is quiet.  Most of the local stores are all closed.

Some said they closed their shop out of respect for Mayci’s family.

Others closed to go be with Mayci’s family.

It’s very clear that the entire community shares the pain of her loss.

Jeffery Landry had lived in Franklin for 49 years.

He says, “This is such a tragedy.  It shouldn’t have happened to them.  It’s just horrible how someone that young can loose her life to some psycho.  It’s just not right and it breaks my heart”.

Residents said that Franklin is a tight-knit community where everyone knows each other.

Some people like 9 year old Zoe Spain didn’t know Mayci, but she wanted to show support to her family.

She made a sign to hold up when the funeral procession drives through.

The city of Franklin is staying strong during this loss by leaning on each other.

Most say that’s the way it should be.

Landry said, “We should all be together, that’s how I look at it”.

When you see the long line of visitors running down the sidewalk you can tell that the people of Franklin agree.

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