Can an ear piercing relieve head pain?

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If you suffer from chronic headaches or migraines, you may be paying attention to all the hype about a new piercing, that some say has helped alleviate their pain.  It’s called the “Daith,” where a ring pierces the inner cartilage of the ear. 

Kelsea Wallace hopes that it will help her headache pain.  Her episodes strike about every two weeks. Wallace says, “Nothing else works except sleeping.”  When she read an article online, stating the daith piercing may help relieve some of that pain, she had to try it.  And, she’s not alone.

Fyre McLemore, a certified piercer in Monroe says the daith is growing in popularity.  McLemore says, “In the past couple of weeks I’ve probably knocked out thirty or forty easily.”  McLemore says she makes no promises to her customers, but has received a lot of feedback.  She says, “I have had a few that said it hasn’t made much of a difference but those are few and relatively far between.”

The piercing runs through a pressure point in the ear.  Dr. Taylor Arbour, a certified acupuncturist, says it’s not clear how piercing this location would alleviate migraine pain.  But, he says, “It is in a part of the ear that we use to treat various issues of chronic psychological stress.  A piercing needle is large and the fact that you have the jewelry remaining in the ear is providing continual stimulus to those nerves.  You really have almost nothing to lose at least giving it a try.”

As for Wallace, she says she’ll recommend it, if it works for her.

The piercing generally costs around twenty to thirty dollars. 

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